A draft Army intelligence report obtained by Wired defense blogger Noah Shachtman says what you've probably guessed already: Islamic extremists are as smart as we are. So of course they've thought up ways to use Web 2.0 to destroy America, before Eric Schmidt gets to be our national CTO. Here's Noah's writedown:

The report is roughly divided into two halves. The first is based mostly on chatter from Al-Qaeda-affiliated online forums. One Islamic extremist site discusses, for example, the benefits of "using a mobile phone camera to monitor the enemy and its mechanisms." Another focuses on the benefits of the Nokia 6210 Navigator, and how its GPS utilities could be used for "marksmanship, border crossings, and in concealment of supplies." Such software could allow jihadists to pick their way across multiple routes, identifying terrain features as they go. A third extremist forum recommends the installation of voice-modification software to conceal one's identity when making calls. Excerpts from a fourth site show cell phone wallpapers that wannabe jihadists can use to express their affinity for radicalism