· TV networks are going bananas with their election night coverage, including competing Times Square broadcasts: ABC on the JumboTron, Fox News on the AstroVision monitor, and MSNBC on the OlbermannGiantForeheadSonic. [Variety] · Rejoice virginal fantasy nerds! Columbia is producing a movie of Deryni Rising, the first book in the Deryni Kingdom cycle— a series set "in a medieval kingdom...of people with psychic and magical abilities." [THR] · Exquisite weirdo Crispin Glover has joined the cast of Tim Burton's motion-capture Alice in Wonderland. He'll play the Knave of Hearts, on trial for tart-stealing treason. [THR] After the jump: Which of the two men to play Mike Brady is joining the cast of Entourage?· If Gary Cole could go ahead and join the cast of Entourage for three episodes, playing Ari's "oldest Hollywood friend," that'd be great. All right! [THR] · Now Paramount is negotiating with Chris Columbus to star in Ripley’s Believe It or Not!, which is still set to star Jim Carrey...Believe It or Not! [Variety]