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Today will go down as one of the hottest of the summer—thus far, at least—so if you can sneak out of your office and head to Central Park, this would probably be a good day to do that. Of course, this also means that the NYC is officially ten times smellier today, as the 93-degree temperatures take a toll on the four-day-old Chinese food sitting in the trash can on your corner. What can you do about that? Nothing, really, which may explain why the Daily News has decided to instead focus on how to make sure your husband or wife doesn't notice the scent of the man or woman you've been having a summer fling with:

Just because it's a summer fling doesn't mean you can walk around with the fragrance of someone else's perfume on your collar. If you don't have time to wash your shirt completely, just throw it in the dryer on high heat for about two minutes along with a strongly scented fabric-softener sheet. The high heat should evaporate any alcohol that was in the perfume and the fabric-softener sheet will help mask any remaining stench. Prevent it the next time: Try restraining yourself to just one date a night and shower the next morning.

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