Your lovely and talented Gawker crew has a new member joining up next week. As a lad in Mystic, CT, Alex Carnevale dreamed of one day getting his MFA in fiction writing from The New School. Well, he did that last year. He's over here now. Alex is the founder of the arts and culture blog This Recording, so it's fitting that he'll be covering the high culture beat starting Monday. We're gonna have high culture! Alex notes that he's also a fan of "the lowest of the low." Why am I introducing him? Well, he's covering for me this weekend, because I'm giving up my weekend duties for a while. Allow me to overshare? I'm kind of burned out. It doesn't require a treatment facility or anything, but I do need to use the weekends as actual downtime while I concentrate a little harder on the work I do during the week itself. Also, I'd like to spend some quality time not reading any newspapers, anywhere, ever, and return to getting all my news directly from Gawker, MSNBC, and The Daily Colbert Show Report. I'm going to keep contributing to Gawker, just not on such a structured basis for the time being. Anyway, talking about the future makes me itchy, so I'll leave it at that. This is not a goodbye so I won't be doing anything mushy. Here are Drunk Monkeys, Buffy, and that Surfer Dude.