We've heard of casual Fridays and we certainly treasure the last day of the work week as a time to let loose, but rarely have we seen both concepts mixed with such bizarre fervor as they were on this morning's Today show. After striking pay dirt with Marcia Brady's syphilis stories this month, producers dug up another, pre-TiVo relic: Jay Thomas. The actor (who played Carla's husband Eddie on Cheers) and his son John were on the show to discuss how the former gave the latter up for adoption twenty years ago. These days, though, John is the lead singer in a band, and in a bit of bald self-promotion, he stripped off his t-shirt and finished out the segment wearing a bra. As one does. Nice try, John, but you'll have to work a little harder to top the image of our potential next VP attempting to drown Elaine to win the daytime surreality sweepstakes.