Terminated Radar employee David Cho posted a glimpse of what direction RadarOnline.com would have gone if it wasn't about to be taken over by former National Enquirer editor David Perel. Hopefully this will get Mitch Albom started on his next book project, The Five Blog Layouts You Meet In Heaven, although we can't help feeling the full version looks sort of familiar...

Former Radar director of business development David Cho was clearly excited about his redesign, putting it up on his tumblr with this note:

Before AMI officially bought (or something’d) Radar today, there had been a redesign already underway. Just because I think it’s important that people know that we, at Radar, understood the very large flaws of the existing website, in function and aesthetic, and were working hard to change it, I’ve uploaded the above image that shows what the new site would have looked like. Even though this picture isn’t the final version of what would have gone live, I’m still about 75% happy with it, and think it would have been a huge step in the right direction.

What happens to a dream deferred? Does it explode, or just get reabsorbed into another conglomerate?