Granted, most of the trends associated with the presidential campaign are morbidly depressing, from hateful posters to bigoted screaming at rallies to Sarah Palin's sad and frightening interview flubs. But in the last few weeks before the election, a flurry of campaign-inspired "yo momma" jokes have taken their rightful place alongside Tina Fey's Palin impression and Chris Rock's "Hillary Lost!" routine as among the rare bright spots. Tech executive Anil Dash got the ball rolling on his Twitter stream last week (see headline to this post!) and the jokes just kept snowballing. "Yo mama so fat, McCain refers to her as 'Those Ones,'" wrote loresjoberg. More:

  • Yo moms such a ho they set up robocalls for all her booty calls. [anildash]
  • Yo mama so fat, her other biography is called "The Audacity of Hardee's." [loresjoberg]
  • Yo momma’s so fat, John McCain looked into her eyes and saw three letters: KFC. [gesteves]
  • You moms so fat ACORN registered her to vote *three* times. [djchall]
  • Your momma's so fat, Nate Silver has revolutionized the science of trying to weigh her. [fernandorizo]

Sadly, the election dozens seem to have slowed down in recent days, at least on Twitter. Maybe everyone feels like it's a bit too soon to laugh.