Is there any doubt left that comedian Tracy Morgan's character on 30 Rock — Tracy Jordan — is basically the actor himself, as reimagined by former Saturday Night Live castmate Tina Fey? If Morgan's comments to Us Weekly earlier this month didn't confirm that, the following vignettes from this week's New York magazine profile should finish the job nicely:

[Morgan] orders a green tea. “You lose when you booze, isn’t that what they say? I can have a drink if I want to. I just don’t feel like it.” I nod. “What do they call that? Oh, I’m functioning. I’m a func-tion-ing alcoholic.” Kenny offers a cautionary “Trey,” which Morgan ignores...
I ask him if people confuse him with his character, and if it might be annoying to be mistaken for an idiot. “He’s my alter ego, he’s not me,” says Morgan, pushing his green tea aside. (“That don’t look like tea.”)

Then there's this description of Morgan's blooming celebrity: "I feel like a young girl whose body is just developing. I’ve got some nice tits, a nice ass, a pretty face … everyone want to fuck me.”

Of course, the Tracy Jordan of 30 Rock isn't just crazy; he's calculatingly crazy. In one episode, the sitcom star draws a "tattoo" on his face to "show the world I'm still dangerous." Although he's had his share of genuine personal setbacks — a separation from his wife, drunk driving arrests — it seems a safe bet that Morgan does the same sort of calculus.