Hooker personality Tiffany "New York" Pollard (now there's someone we have a feeling is already well acquainted with Dr. Manhattan's cobalt nether regions) has addressed the media recently about Jennifer Hudson—whose skyrocketing career she doesn't envy in the least—and her fiance, a former I Love New York contestant whom she had the gall to liken to a gold-digging Al Reynolds. Having learned with the rest of us of the horrifying Hudson family deaths in Chicago, however, Pollard was consumed by guilt over her tactless remarks, and instantly set about righting her wrongs by issuing her deepest condolences to Hudson in the best way she knew how: by recording a heartfelt video message outside LACMA's streetlamp installation. She then went back about her regular routine of making kissy sounds at passing luxury vehicles in the hopes that one of them might contain the producer who will put her in his hip-hop movie musical, Dreamgrillz. [YouTube]