It seems like it was only last Halloween when investment banks were considered economic bedrocks, former Fed chief Alan Greenspan's legacy was intact and debt securitization was a good thing. But Americans now blame evil bankers for their economic problems as readily as they once embraced no-doc, no-money-down mortgages. 60 Minutes recently did a hit piece on Credit Default Swaps (the tools never should have agreed to that interview!) and This American Life proudly revived a May segment slamming Collateralized Debt Obligations. And now, just in time for Halloween Friday, an entrepreneur is offering $80 Ben Bernanke and Hank Paulson masks like the one above. The demonization of Wall Street doesn't end there, of course:

Another blogger is reviving an old Alan Greenspan mask from

Forbes, meanwhile, is trying to reassure its frazzled readers this year and so is offering more fameballs than bankers in its annual lineup of masks. For example:


Forbes does offer masks of deposed CEOs Dick Fuld (Lehman) and Jimmy Cayne (Bear Stearns), but you'll probably spend quite a bit of time explaining those. Unless you're trick or treating in financial services circles, which frankly we wouldn't recommend this year.