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What does Heidi Klum have in common with Nadya Suleman, the woman better known as "Octomom"? They're both responsible for turning women into "bumpaholics," or women who have become obsessed with getting pregnant. At least that's what several experts suggest in a recent article in Women's Health, arguing that "celebs photographed cuddling one adorable infant after the next, plus infamous moms who steal the spotlight when they give birth to higher order multiples, are stoking the flames of pregnancy lust in some women."

See that? A famous model decides to have four kids and all of sudden she's lumped in the same category as Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, the nutty evangelical Christian couple who star in the TLC reality show 18 Kids and Counting along with, yes, their 18 kids.

But as with other studies of this nature, the experts would like to make it clear that the "bumpaholic" trend isn't anyone's fault. It can't be helped. Because having lots of babies is like crack: Once you start doing it, it's almost impossible to stop:

"Women who are obsessed with being pregnant are literally filling an emptiness inside of them, just as alcoholics and drug addicts use substances to fill a psychological void," psychiatrist Carole Lieberman told Women's Health.

There aren't too many occasions when you'll find yourself feeling bad for Heidi Klum. But this just might be one of them!

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