Last year, the city of Boston, which has not suffered a terrorist attack since the Revolutionary War, where the terrorists were the good guys, shut down in a panic after Time Warner's cartoon channel paid two stoners to place lite-brites around town. Bomb squads were called in to remove the cartoon character advertisements, train stations shut down, and traffic over the Charles River was halted. Boston, unembarrassed at causing a national panic over advertisements that had been in place for weeks in dozens of smarter cities without incident, promptly blew up a suspicious traffic counter installed by the DOT. And over the weekend, Boston's Logan Airport was shut down for 17 hours after a poodle escaped. Choochy the poodle got out of her kennel as she was being unloaded after a Saturday night flight. "About 15 state police, firefighters, operations personnel and even electricians chased Choochy late into the night," delaying "at least eight flights." They finally caught Choochy, laying on the tarmac, at 1 p.m. on Sunday, when Choochy got tired. Good work, Boston. Image: (c) Jana Kohl and Robert Sebree,, used with permission from (c) holder.