The indomitable Cloris Leachman's quest to become a Sanjaya-level pox/boon to Dancing with Stars continued last night, and it looks like the 82-year-old has finally hit upon a winning formula. First, Leachman shuffles around, doing little but mugging. Then, just as people begin to tire of her simple soft-shoe, she pulls out the big guns: in this case, allowing partner Corky Ballas to grab one leg and one arm and spin her around in the air, treating all of America to an impressively unexpected upskirt shot.Will it be enough to stave off Leachman's elimination for one more week? We'll find out soon, though to judge from the audience reaction shots afterward, Leachman has already won over two disparate admirers: House Bunny star Anna Faris and Flipping Out's Jeff Lewis. And, as the old saying says, "Where the comediennes and OCD martini olive counters go, so goes the nation."