Excuse us, did you just hear a loud thunk? Did it sound something like a gauntlet being thrown down? Because it just got all tense up in here, and we think that's thanks to the only thing that could derail Al Franken's unlikely-yet-succeeding candidacy for the U.S. Senate: a stern, bobble-headed rebuke ad from his old Saturday Night Live coworker, Victoria Jackson! You may remember Jackson — less so for her SNL tenure than for her recent proclamations that Barack Obama is an "Anti-Christ whitey-hater." Now, she and other well-respected Hollywood Republicans like Stephen Baldwin and John Ratzenberger (what, was D.B. Sweeney's quote too high?) have taken to the airwaves in an attempt to boost Franken's competitor, Sen. Norm Coleman. For what it's worth, we think Jackson's screech of "Go VIKEEEEEENGS!" is indubitably her best work since Handi-Off. Enjoy the clip, after the jump: