The two-hour premiere of the new season of 24 is about to hit the internet in advance of the show's premiere next month. A mere 16 month after the show's last season ended, 24's producers have tried to silence complaints about haphazard plotting and unbelievable Deus ex machinas by plotting out the show's entire season in advance for the first time. Bauer's ceaseless torturing of his enemies will get a new setting this season, and Republican fans of the show about to lose a president will still have Jack Bauer, the last remaining relic of the Bush years.At the beginning of the recently released second trailer, Jack's torturous methods are questioned in court by the dad from That '70s Show, for some reason. "Don't expect me to regret the decisions I made," Jack tells the judge. All you can think is: did the conservative leaning series really have to return after an 18 month layoff with an apologia for the Bush-Cheney administration?

You'll be forgiven if you think this eternal trailer for 24's seventh season feels like it lasts for an entire episode. Jack's outdated tactics get a smaller setting for the aptly titled 24: Redemption, but he's still the same old Jack: morally righteous and unapologetic. Sure, Bush will go the way of his father in another week, but his trademark flat vision of the world will live on as Bauer fights legions of dark-skinned enemies on behalf of a new, female president. Whether it's militant South Africans or the show's trademark distorted view of Arab-Americans, Jack will amass a staggering body count without really knowing who exactly he's shooting at or why. George W. would be proud.