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If you're looking for a thoughtful, nuanced take on the life and legacy of Ted Kennedy, the 7-page obit on the New York Times website should provide you with all the background you need on a man born into one of America's most notable families who went on to become one of the country's most important political figures. If you want inane responses to his passing from a smattering of reality TV stars and stylists, head to Twitter!

Above, we present to you two such tweets, including one from Rachel Zoe, who seems to think "life makes no sense" now that the political icon has passed. (Considering he was diagnosed with brain cancer more than a year ago and has been homebound for months, we were thinking his passing made perfect sense, actually, but what do we know?)

And while Katie Lee Joel was kind enough to send out her thoughts and prayers to the Kennedy-Shriver family, it wasn't until after she complained that her appearance on the CBS Early Show was canceled this morning. Guess the death of an American legend still trumps a TV chef's segment about how to cook "super-tasty, quick and easy (and budget-friendly) weeknight meals," after all.

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