Elite media types and financiers aren't the only ones suffering during this economic downturn, you know. Models are suffering too! And who better to shine a light on the travails of modeling these days than Isobella Jade, the short, self-made woman who rose from homelessness to microniche prominence by writing her memoir in the Apple store and then triumphantly eating a burger. Remember her? Yea! She's still a hardworking self-promoter, so we checked in and got her take on the crucial question, "How Does the Economy affect a Body Parts Model?":

I will tell you that posing topless for Time Magazine will get you about $300 and leg modeling for Victoria 's Secret will get you $1000 and going nude in front of a live audience on The Stacy London show will get you about $300, going fully nude for Braun Razor will bring in $800. And yes I feel the economy does affect the amount of money brands and magazines might put into editorials and ads. But stock photography isn’t the same quality so I think the phone might not be ringing as much, but the brands that do advertise and show they still exist; they will be the ones that succeed during this pressured time. Same with models. Will I go topless for $150 dollars verse $300? Well for the right editorial and ad campaign, yes. I gotta eat too. I used to get pedicures and manicures weekly, sometimes twice a week, but I am giving myself home-made treatments instead lately. I use LUSH’s Lemony Flutter on my hands, toes and nipples. It seems to be doing the job pretty well.

She adds:

Please be clear in your mind. "Yeah I have a great ass, but it is all about the way you use it as a model." My current goal is to be the "ass" of an underwear ad campaign, maybe Hanes, or Frederick's would be cool"

Dreams can come true, people! Another effective tactic: sending nude photos to bloggers.