Now that Amy Poehler has had her baby and is gone from Saturday Night Live for good, the show is down to two lone ladies. There's Kristen Wiig, the brilliant if overworked performer behind the Target Lady and the wonderful Suze Orman impression, and then... well, then there's Casey Wilson. Poor Ms. Wilson has been given little to do since debuting on the show last season. Is she not making friends with the writers? Is she just not that funny? I mean, there have been some bright spots. Her brief Rachael Ray impression (video below, warning: bad quality) was amusing. So was that kind of bizarre paraplegic stripper skit she had early last season. But other than that... Well, it's mostly been the straight woman to Wiig's or the boys' wacky! characters. Maybe now that Poehler is gone, she'll get a chance to shine, thus getting more comfortable. Right now she just seems a bit stilted, a bit awkward. She's trying too hard. She needs to rein it in from the stage to fit the television. Also, she cowrote the upcoming Kate Hudson movie Bride Wars, which we're sorta counting as a knock against her (except, you know, good job selling a script, Casey. Hope you bought something nice.) But! She has a nice face and gave the wicked Sarah Palin a big ol' hug at the curtain call a coupla weeks back, so maybe she's a nice person, too. Now let her be funny! I mean, she got on the show, right? That must mean something! Though, Finesse Mitchell and Jim Breuer got on the show at various points, too. And we all know how well that worked out. It looks like it's now or never, Casey. Go buy the writers a round of drinks. Does anyone know her from her UCB days? Was she funny then?