For His New Murder Trial, Phil Spector Chooses Hives-Chic As hard as it is to believe, the Phil Spector "I Told My Driver 'I Think I Killed Somebody' and Somehow Avoided Conviction " Retrial of the Century is underway , with prosecutor Alan Jackson describing the music genius as "very sinister, very violent and very deadly" in his opening statements. You'll recall that an experimental and wig-friendly Spector traded in his signature Dollytor look for something more closely resembling a lesbian talk show host at the opening of his last trial. But this time around he's arguably adopted his most stylish persona to date: that of Shootin' Filip Sprängporten, the long-rumored sixth member of Swedish supergroup The Hives. Veni Vidi Vicious, indeed! [Photo credit: Original Spector Photo AP Photo/Nick Ut]