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Did you know that Ray Kelly, New York's police commissioner, has a weakness for expensive ties such as those made by Charvet? The Times covered this groundbreaking news today:

Among the facts that emerged: He likes silk French and Italian ties. "I wear mostly Charvet," Mr. Kelly said. "Some Brioni, an occasional Kiton, but mostly Charvet; I just think they are high-quality and they look the best."

Let's take a look back, shall we?

New York Times, 2003:

Commissioner Kelly and his son Jim happened to be milling about after attending Mass at St. Patrick's. Both were dressed in dark suits, both wearing what looked like the Kelly family's beloved Charvet ties.

Fashion Week Daily, 2007:

Police commissioner Ray Kelly was spotted at the Diane von Furstenberg show Sunday, his second appearance at Fashion Week... Citizens of the city can rest assured that Kelly is not only aiming to serve and protect, but also to do it in style. "I like to wear Charvet ties. I think they're unique and they're only carried in a few places. I got mine at the Charvet shop at Bergdorf's."

Men's Vogue, 2008:

... Kelly says, wearing a bespoke Martin Greenfield suit, French cuffs fastened with weighty gold links, and a goldfish-colored Charvet tie. ("My big weakness," he confides, straightening the silk knot.)

New York Post, 2008:

... the commissioner, who has a weakness for spit-and-polish black shoes, bespoke suits and Charvet neckties.

If Kelly isn't getting his Charvet ties for free by now, it's not for a lack of trying, clearly.

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