There Goes the Neighborhood "Some years ago, when Elizabeth Street began to change, I began to avoid it," blogs Jeremiah's Vanishing New York . "I used to go out of my way just to walk on it... In 1998 Bella's Luncheonette became Cafe Habana. And then a shop opened. It blared ear-splitting music and expelled obnoxious people who stepped over the Italian ladies peeling potatoes on the sidewalk... [Today], Elizabeth Street will break your heart." It sure will. Our new offices —which someone surely paid out the snout for—are located on Elizabeth Street. A high-end men's shaving store just opened up down the block—and then there's the fancy Public next door (try the kangaroo meat!) It's possible that a 150-person niche media company setting up shop is the apotheosis of the gentrification of this "Nolita" street—a made-up neighborhood name that the Little fuggin' Italy locals hate , by the way.