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Ashley Dupre is responding today to the (possibly made-up) reports that Eliot Spitzer is thinking about running for elected office: "I was happy to see that Mr. Spitzer is moving on with his life and considering getting back into politics," she writes on Global Grind, the website owned by her occasional yoga partner/mentor, Russell Simmons. "Everyone makes mistakes. Everyone deserves a second chance. Me too, right? Well, apparently not." She goes on to complain that people think she's making a fortune off her notoriety, but she really isn't, and that although she really wanted to write a book, publishers lost interest when she told them she wasn't willing to "sensationalize" the sensational details that made her famous in the first place. Oh, well. In any event, she finishes up the rant by directing readers to a "rough cut" of latest single, "Inside Out."

You can listen to the song here, if you're feeling brave and you have 3 minutes and 50 seconds to spare.

If you're anything like us, you're going to immediately click on the button that allows you to download a clip of the song as a ringtone. Because who wouldn't want such a masterpiece to sound off countless times a day? Be forewarned: For some reason, the site has its Ashleys mixed up and you'll be asked if you want to download Ashley Tisdale's song, "It's Allright, It's OK." A deep sense of disappointment may set in at that point. Our advice? Follow Ashley on Twitter instead! She only has 749 followers. (At least she did until we started following her; she's up to 750 now.) Let's help her get up to 1,000 today, shall we?

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