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You'd think the average grad student at Harvard would know how to use the bathroom by now, wouldn't you? Well, just to be on the safe side, Harvard's Graduate School of Arts and Sciences hands out a "bathroom etiquette guide" to all incoming students moving into university-owned housing, which is conveniently divided into what is considered "appropriate" and "inappropriate" behavior when you're using the toilets, showers and sinks. A sample is below. Prepare to be stunned.


When using the toilet or urinal it is inappropriate to:

- leave bodily fluids (such as blood or urine) on the toilet seat
- leave excessive toilet paper on or around the toilet
- stand on the toilet seat
- flush sanitary napkins
- use foot or shoe to flush toilet/urinal
- leave newspapers in the toilet stalls

It is inappropriate to collect and store urine in rooms and dispose of it later in the bathrooms or in trash cans.

When using the toilet or urinal it is appropriate to:

- sit on the toilet seat
- urinate in the urinal with proper aim
- flush the toilet and urinals twice if necessary
- clean off the toilet seat if soiled from bodily fluids such as blood, urine, mucus, feces
- wrap sanitary napkins and throw them away in the sanitary disposal box or garbage can

Do read the entire thing if you have a moment. In the meantime, keep in mind that it is considered "inappropriate" to "urinate or defecate in the sink." Brushing your teeth in the sink? No worries, that's still totally fine.

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