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Thanks to the relentless appeal of cheap and formulaic reality shows, no one wants to make expensive high quality scripted dramas anymore, so goes the frequent lament. Hold on, though, what's this? Candace Bushnell strikes again with The Broadroom (d'you see what they did there?), about, you guessed it, a group of wisecracking chicks in fashionable outfits.

OK, so it's not so much a TV show as a webisode series, and it's not so much scripted drama as a commercial for Maybelline lipstick. But the conflicts endemic to Western womanhood—There are no decent single men! But husbands are useless morons! Careers are important but working is hard!—are sensitively explored in the gripping two-minute storyline.

What's more, the site's cursor is a cute little lipstick which, let's face it, will render any sentient lady powerless to resist clicking.

'The Boardroom' Web Series [Fox NY]