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Goldman Sachs partners were supposed to be keeping low profiles these days, as per instructions from the bank's CEO, Lloyd Blankfein. And Lord knows anyone related to NYC Prep's PC Peterson—even by marriage—would be well advised to avoid the limelight for a spell. But that didn't stop Richard Kimball Jr., a Goldman partner and the ex-husband of Manny author Holly Peterson, from hosting a series of "rowdy" parties in Southampton over the summer, at least one of which featuring topless women:

Neighbors called the cops on Kimball—a Goldman partner and managing director who's divorced from wife Holly Peterson after 15 years of marriage—and his pals at 115 Toylesome Lane. Police went to the house, which Kimball rented for the summer for $2.5 million, twice in late August. "He is certainly enjoying the life of a single man," one sleep-deprived neighbor told Page Six. "There has been a series of wild pool parties going on late until the night, with a lot of young pretty girls, and the neighbors are furious.

The worst part? If Kimball really paid $2.5 million for a measly three-month summer rental, it's fair to say he got taken to the cleaners. For less than twice that, he could have bought the house.

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