Neocon Times columnist Bill Kristol was of course acting smug and cute last night on the Daily Show, since that's basically his gig: Smarmy right-wing fish in left wing ponds. But he just didn't seem to have it in him to truly bait the other side. He declared John McCain would triumph on Tuesday but, wait, ha ha, it's just a joke of the make-a-Daily Show-audience-heckle-me variety, and Kristol admitted as much (and did succeed in getting booed).

Also, he said to Jon Stewart, "you're reading the New York Times too much," as though he didn't have a column there, or reason to fear for the future of his own Weekly Standard. Bill Kristol's mouth was saying nice things about McCain, but his slouch was begging for the invigoration and foil of an Obama Administration. (Click the video at top for excerpts.)