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Remember a couple weeks back when Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi said he planned to pitch a tent in New Jersey during his upcoming trip to New York for the opening session of the UN General Assembly? But then a series of protests (and an intervention by Gov. Corzine) forced him to change his plans? It now looks like he's made other arrangements.

According to various news outlets, Gadhafi is now thinking about staying in one of the "Grand Suites" at the Pierre Hotel, which comes with a "landscape terraces suitable for large-scale entertaining." Delightful, yes. But the best part about it: He'll be a few floors down from Tory Burch's penthouse!

We're guessing Burch will be a little busy with Fashion Week on Tuesday to go downstairs and welcome Gadhafi personally. But let's hope she finds the time to at least provide him with a fashion consultation during his visit. Not only would a Tory Burch caftan be a big step up for the Libyan leader, it would be a perfect branding opportunity for Burch at the same time.

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