Happy Halloween, everyone! Who doesn't love Halloween? Besides all that candy and the fact that it gives frat boys everywhere the perfect excuse to indulge a year's worth of cross-dressing impulses, it also brings some of our favorite TV personalities in costume. We already gave you a sneak peek of the ladies of The View, done up as various U.S. presidents (and commend Joy for refraining from remarking to Ronald "Elisabeth" Reagan, "You should only wish for Alzheimer's. That would be the least of your problems."), while the cast of the Today Show embodied their fairytale fantasies (Pinocchio Viera will give you nightmares), and Ellen DeGeneres came out in some kind of matador/coin getup that really marks a step backwards in her fashion evolution. But we highlight for you Regis and Kelly, not so much for the execution of their celebrity chef costumes of Gordon Ramsey and Paula Deen, but rather for the stream of filth spewed forth by Regis throughout the episode.If the beloved Oscars bumbler was just trying to emulate the Hell's Kitchen star, we think a British accent might have helped the illusion along. Instead, it just seems like a spectacular uncorking of decades of bottled rage. Years pressed beneath Gelman's thumb, having to remember all those dumb celebrity names while listening to your shrill co-hosts yammer on at length about their upcoming children and Christmas albums—it's all enough to drive any mild-mannered TV fixture to lose it. Live! [Regis and Kelly]