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Designer Betsey Johnson is creating an Eloise-themed suite at The Plaza, which is also where she held her Fashion Week show on Tuesday. According to the press release, "The Plaza's two-bedroom Eloise Suite will be whimsically decorated in a color palette of 'Eloise pink' and black, and will be full of surprises and distinct "Eloise moments" throughout the guest room."

This is going to drive Upper East Side moms into a tizzy trying to book the space for their little princesses' birthday parties, isn't it? Perhaps.

But while the deal may be a good fit for Johnson (she does look a bit like the six-year-old, doesn't she?), and will undoubtedly put some money in her pocket, it's a pretty desperate PR stunt for the landmark hotel. It's also a tad ironic since it wouldn't even be a hotel right now if its owners had managed to pursue their original plan to turn the entire building into condos, but was modified after Mayor Bloomberg intervened. Of course, a lot has changed over the past year: There have been bitter lawsuits from unhappy buyers; many of its pricey apartments continue to go unsold; and there's all that new boutique space where business is less-than-booming. (That taxi exploding in front of the hotel back in July didn't do them any favors, either.) So now the owners have changed their tune and are looking to exploit the hotel's past to try and salvage their investment.

This isn't the first time we've heard about Eloise-inspired plans at The Plaza. In June, the hotel started pushing Eloise-themed party packages. No word yet on the cost of a night in the suite, but we're betting it's not going to be enough to make up for all the financial issues The Plaza is currently facing.

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