We realize our ongoing Halloween costume ideas series has so far overwhelmingly catered to the mannish among you, so we thought we'd now throw one out to all you sexy ladies in the house. Some old-fashioned roller skates, a period hat, vampishly red lipstick and an assortment of ethnically diverse dolls are the essentials for this ensemble. See the finished product after the jump!

You're Angelina Jolie, of course! No matter what your body-type or mouth-size, everyone will instantly recognize you as the international, orphan-amassing sex symbol if you wear the signature accessories (including roller skates—her character's preferred method of transportation) from her latest starring vehicle, Changeling, in theaters today! Should you want to drag your own Brad along, simply print out and trace this pattern on his lower back with a Sharpie, add a porkpie hat and some aviators and (if available) a stroller, and you're good to go!