In theory, Fondue's two BlackBerrys will reset from Daylight Savings Time back to PST automatically this Sunday. In practice, she'll be sorry she ate the manual. Ah, if only we, too, were Jason Calacanis's bitch. The CEO of Mahalo, a bluster-powered search engine, treats his dogs better than his employees. Will Facebook join Mahalo in laying people off?Not if CFO Gideon Yu returns from the Middle East with a fistful of petrodollars. In New York, Googlers' stomachs now rumble as snacks get cut back. Tesla Motors, the electric carmaker, is feeling starved, too — of cash. It's down to its last $9 million, with only vague promises that investors will pony up more. Scary! Don a mask and put a fright in someone else for a change.(Photo by Jason Calacanis)