It's a very happy Halloween for five of our commenters, whose grace, wit, and snark under pressure will be rewarded in a cash prize of valuable Sherri Shepherd currency (not accepted at most U.S. retail locations). Congratulations! Now, on to the Comments of the Week: · YahooUnserious on Courtenay Semel's Stirring New Catchphrase: 'Google Me, You Dumb Fuck': "Yahoo! Me" is something she only says to other girls. · Wrapitup on As Ronald Reagan on 'The View,' Elisabeth Just Says No To Joy Behar: Going butch and brunette suits Hasselbeck so much better. She looks like an adorable Puerto Rican twink.· NoWireHangers on Gay Men And 13-Year-Old Girls Unite In Protest Against Cut Zac Efron Shower Scene: Based on Zac's arm motions, it appears the song was "Y-M-C-A." · Tiger_Tanaka on Arrest Of Bill Pullman's Son Reveals The Ravages Of Moonshineface: I'd be upset too if my werewolf transformation was interrupted. · mwynn13 on Here's Joe Francis Bashing Lindsay Lohan's Girlfriend, Samantha 'Rosnan': I thought he generally approved of the path of young ladies pretending to be gay. Nice work, Top Five. For the rest of you on this fine holiday: here's a toothbrush.