House of Terrors · Hurry! Time is running out to decide your Defamer-brand Halloween costume: Is it The Maverick ? The Icon ? The Aberration ? The Dreamer ? The Rebel ? Or are you and your bearish twin pairing up as Visionaries ? · We didn't believe it at first either, but Joaquin Phoenix is "nooommmf deadserious " about quitting acting. · Now that Amy Poehler's out at Saturday Night Live , welcome her equally riotous replacement , Coldplay. · Just when we thought New York offered the most touching sentiments regarding last weekend's horrible Jennifer Hudson family tragedy , along came The Back-Up . · Which celebrity TV doctor went looking for a wife on Craigslist? And when he finds her, how long will it be before she demands a Michael Phelps rental ? · DreamWorks said goodbye to David Geffen , the LA Times said goodbye to Carina Chocano , Dancing With the Stars said goodbye to Cloris Leachman , and everyone said goodbye to Estelle Reiner . · Every major network but ABC aired the boring-ass 'The Barack Obama Show,' but we're sure that episode of Pushing Daisies was worth it . · Which was the better meme: "Contract, Guy, contract ," or "Google me, you dumb fuck? " · Now that Zac Efron has the No. 1 movie in America, there's no Footloose remake or shower-photo scandal too big for him to take on. · Lauren Conrad more than made up for Hills castmate Audrina Patridge's sudden, shocking lack of visibility . · Oscar season is upon us, if Disney's new Wall-E campaign and this week's Milk highs and lows are any indication. · A hot zombie actress is terrifying, but nothing compares to the horror of moonshineface . · The ladies at The View may still hate each other , but that won't keep them from a Happy Halloween. Follow their example — have a good weekend, everybody!