• Is Time Warner planning to shed its Time Inc. magazine division? [Crain's]
• Condé Nast is hunkering down for a big round of budget cuts, as you've probably heard. One Condé title that happens to be doing quite well: Vanity Fair's Italian edition, which having its best year ever, apparently.
Saturday Night Live's Jenny Slate won't be punished for cursing on the air. But it's looking like Darrell Hammond may have been dropped from the show.
Tina Brown's Daily Beast is planning to get into book publishing. [NYT]
• Former Times film critic (and Turner Classic Movies host) Elvis Mitchell is in financial trouble again: He reportedly owes $500,000 in back taxes. [P6]
• How much the cast of The Hills makes might make you nauseous. [TDB]
• Can Twitter ever earn enough in advertising revenue to justify its recent valuation of $1 billion? It's highly unlikely, say some observers. [AdAge]
Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs was No. 1 again this weekend. [LAT]

• Another round of voluntary buyouts may be in the works at the Times. [NYP]
• HSN's latest plan to make even more money: Amid all the non-stop selling, product placements will be added to the mix, too. [WSJ]
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• Former New York Times columnist and Nixon speechwriter William Safire died yesterday of pancreatic cancer. He was 79. [NYT]