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Mob princess Victoria Gotti ran into a bit of financial trouble a few months ago and almost lost control of her gaudy mansion on Long Island, as you may recall. We're guessing it was the stack of bills piling up on her white marble coffee table that led her to sign a deal earlier this year to pen a book about her, uh, rather interesting life, especially since she'd backed out of a deal to write a similar "tell-all memoir" a couple of years earlier in order "protect" her family's "reputation." But the financial crisis changed all that and Gotti's book, This Family of Mine, arrived in bookstores this week.

So is it really the "explosive memoir that captures the Gottis as they are—unvarnished, raw, and real"?

The Post has been running excerpts from the book for the past few days and what may be most entertaining about it is how unreal (and unintentionally hilarious) it is. Take, for example, this bit about how she suddenly learned that her then-husband, Carmine, just so happened to be in the family business, too:

I remember when I first found out my so-called hard working husband was part of the mob. Most people won't believe me, but I honestly had no idea he had anything to do with "the life."

Carmine came home one night in 1998 and said he had "something important" to speak to me about. He told me he was going to be arrested.

He was a legitimate businessman who had built an empire — I couldn't imagine what he could possibly be arrested for.

Priceless. It almost makes us want to trek out to Long Island this Saturday to see her in person and hear her read these passages aloud. Almost!

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