You know what's the most boring TV in the world? Election day coverage on cable news in the long hours before the polls close. It's like a 12-hour conspiracy to fill the airtime with gasbagging pundits trying harder than normal to say nothing at all. So, when news came out last week that the words "shit" and "fuck" would enliven tomorrow's oral arguments in the Supreme Court's case over what you can say on the tee-vee, we though that would make great filler content for bored news producers. But sadly, it's not to be.C-SPAN, of all networks, had asked to get the tapes and broadcast them (in full, one supposes) as soon as the hearing concluded, but Broadcasting & Cable reports that the greedy court won't release them until the end of the session next summer. Why the fuck not? They Court didn't say, implicitly sending the message that they want to ruin all our prurient fun. (You take it where you can get it.)