· Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson are searching for financing and distribution partners for their Tintin series after Universal passed. Sony is said to be interested in splitting the costs, with one studio insider explaining "A $140 million movie about some French Belgian explorer dude with a mini-pompadour and little Wire Fox Terrier that no American kid has ever heard of? Where do we sign?" [THR] · Universal won a bidding war for video game Dante's Inferno, revolving around a "journey through the depths of hell" presumably separate from the one parents will experience taking their kids to see Dante's Inferno. [Variety] · McCain's appearance on SNL, an amazingly chipper performance considering Tina Fey was literally inches away from him tearing his running mate to shreds, brought the episode a 9.0 household rating/20 share. (And a seriously funny Keith Olbermann sendup from Ben Affleck. We give props where props are due.) [THR] After the jump: Jack Bauer's back, and he's more pro-torture than ever!· 24 will debut in a two-part premiere on January 11 and 12. [Variety] · The early release of Quantum of Solace overseas earned $38.6 million in countries like the U.K., France, and Sweden. [Variety] · Miramax picked up Keira Knightley and Eva Mendes drama Last Night for $4 million. [THR]