If you had "feminist Web series" for the win in your What's Next For Amy Poehler? brackets, congratulations. After ditching Saturday Night Live for maternity leave and months of lingering attachments to a rumored Office spinoff, Poehler will officially be back onscreen in less than two weeks with her online effort Smart Girls at the Party.Kind of like The View, but skewing much younger, funnier and less dramatically hormonal, Smart Girls was announced in September as Poehler's paean to "girls who have unique talents and interests." ON Networks originally planned an October launch, later a casualty of Poehler's maternity leave that has since been pushed back to Nov. 17. Expect the last of special guest Tina Fey's Sarah Palin sketches to appear here as well, casting the Alaska governor as a heartening symbol of what American girls can accomplish with even the most modest flute and firearms skills. Until then, the trailer is below. Click to view