A Gawker tipster brought word this morning that liberal firebrand/trail mix smuggler Tim Robbins caused a scene at a Manhattan polling place today, accusing the poll worker of voter intimidation until a volunteer called the police. Now, Robbins has done what's expected of every responsible citizen whose democratic rights are in peril: he's blabbed all to a TMZ paparazzo!According to Robbins, the polling place he's used for the last decade didn't have his name on the register, and he certainly wasn't about to fill out a provisional ballot like a common plebe! Sadly, Robbins handled the issue not with pleasant, Bob Roberts-style folk songs but with a high-octane argument that brought the NYPD (though they couldn't prevent him from decamping for City Hall to find a judge who could prove his case). Was the actor simply listed on voter rolls under "Tom Ribbons," or is this a Susan Sarandon-aimed revenge from jilted New York senator Hillary Clinton? Developing!