Today is one freighted with fateful questions for America, perhaps none more so than, "Where's Kirsten Dunst?" But after being tipped last month to her early-voting rendezvous in Norwalk, which she fled after doing her civic duty to both cast her ballot and urge the paparazzi to do the same, we turn to KiKi's pursuers at the Associated Press for the must-read follow-up from... North Dakota?Dunst is tagging along with filmmaker/real estate scion Jacob Soboroff as part of his Why Tuesday? campaign — videotapes of which are to be fashioned into their documentary about America's lag in voter participation. In other words, what she really wants to do is direct:

"The older you get, it makes you feel more and more responsible for the power you have, especially being in the entertainment industry ... and how delicate and important it is to use that power to influence people in a positive way," Dunst said. [...] "I feel totally honored and was really proud to vote, and have never been so proud to vote in my entire life."

Great! But North Dakota? Soboroff said he wanted to see if its policy not requiring voter registration — the only such law in the nation — is a "best practice or ... a worst practice." Forget their documentary; this is clearly a job for our Election Day PrivacyWatchers. The first legit sighting from Bismarck gets an "I Voted With KiKi" sticker and executive producer credit on our own forthcoming doc, Defamer Decides: The Motion Picture. Get stalking!