Before we tell you what we're hearing the exit poll numbers are saying, can we just remind you about Bob Shrum who famously asked John Kerry, after the 2004 early exit polls came out, "Can I be the first to call you Mr. President?" After the jump, the numbers we're hearing are floating around.

Estimate for Obama low end is 300 EVs Potentially as high as 350. The realistic number is between the high and 320. Obama is +40 among Hispanics, +60 among young voters. Also remember, more Ds than Rs will talk to exit pollsters. So it will be skewed D. It always is.

Slate, which has long argued that journalistic principle forces them to release exit poll numbers, spent Election Day 2004 telling readers that exit poll numbers were "mucho flattering" for Kerry. So, yeah, Obamaniacs, go crazy at your own peril.