In the future the history books will say this election was fought across blog posts and in the comment trenches, via video links and perpetual forwards. History books will be full of shit, obv, because 99% of the internet noise about the election was barely readable garbage and nonsense. Our resident expert in garbage and nonense, is, of course, Comments Czar Kaila, who decides which of you get to live to comment another day. So below, for your Election Day, Kaila shares some of the very best of the best of insane rejected comments. "Fuck you you fucking liberal elitist fucks," after the jump! Leave 'em hanging: Palin Emails Real

Goes to show why I am a Republican... R Respect E Empathy P Pride U Understanding L Liberty I Integrity C Country First N

Sarah Palin's $150,000 Fashion Spree

10/22/08 05:55 PM ur a hater u probably in old ass lady who is ugly 10/22/08 05:54 PM shes hot would ppl rather have hill bill n those ugly suit pants.

And If Obama Loses... What Then, Medialand?

JinxyMcDeath you are more full of shit than a Christmas Goose! I hate people like you. Obama will destroy this nation. He's a hateful, arrogant, dumb-ass of a crook. In the Chicago area he's done nothing, and is nothing. He is a phony and a liar, like most Democrat shit heads.

Sarah Palin's Personal Emails


Bounty On Terrorist Obama Muslim Tape Can Save Newspapers! How sad that the Obama sympathizers have such filthy mouths. I did know that 13% of his supporters are illiterate, apparently you are not among them. However, you could probably benefit from a course in the proper use of the english language. Your comments do not bode well for the Democratic Party. Please clean up your mouths and refer to the subject at hand while keeping the personal feelings aside You actually did make this shit up: Tales from the Unemployment Line

It certainly will be Woeful if Hussein gets elected. Hundreds of people suffered under Clinton's program cuts when he was first elected. I preferred Hillary. P.S. I cannot understand a Muslim when they speak their langurge.

If you don't like America, you can just get out: 'Whassup' Remix Changes Things

Make another one in 4 years, but make it so its a crack whore, a welfare mom, a taliban, see them sitting on their fat asses while us middle class folks work 3 jobs so they ain't got to do a fu*king thing. If you want to live in a socialist country move your dumb asses to Cuba.

Sarah Palin's Personal Emails

So when McCain wins in 7 weeks can we count on all you Liberal extremist Losers to head to Canada? you'll get free healthcare!!! or maybe you can gallop south to Mexico,I am sure you will feel comfortable there amongst all of your friends, and just think they won't have to hide under their beds everytime a siren goes by!!! It's a win win for you all!

Sarah Palin, Mark Wahlberg, Alec Baldwin and Dr. Evil in Awkward SNL Opener

I will laugh at your ignorance you wear like a badge of honor when B.O. sells you out to the Muslems. This is the last free election you will ever experience. Once BO and his croneys have all branches of government and the Supreme Court, you will realize too late what utter fools you have been. I am thinking seriously about trying to emmigate to Austrailia.

You show concern for Judaic peoples and the end of days: Bloggy Obama Tells Absurdist Jokes

10/30/08 09:49 AM Obama will soon take over the world. Beware the cult of personality. 10/30/08 09:53 AM Obama is the anti-christ 10/30/08 10:00 AM Jews should be very very afraid... 10/30/08 09:59 AM You guys think this is all sarcasm. Just wait and see when Obama shows his true colors and reveals his true identity of the anti-Christ.

You're down with Jesus, Sarah Palin, and white supremacy: Do Christians Care Whether Bristol Palin Smoked Pot?

Word to the mother (and Father and Son and Holy Spirit)! We love you Sarah! The Mighty Whitey Righties

And you love your fellow man with Christian goodwill: Bounty On Terrorist Obama Muslim Tape Can Save Newspapers!

The gays will be the first to die when Osamas Muslim friends come to town.

Factsheet: Sarah Palin

Obama is a former Muslim who has ties to Islamic terrorists. That's true but of course the Gawkers will never print that! Fuck you all!

Sarah Palin's Personal Emails

Nick Decton, I hope someone pisses in your coffee next time you go to a cafe, or spits a luggie in your food, next time you go out to eat.

So you are praying for us: Sarah Palin's Personal Emails

I must be missing something here, I do not see any evidence that she used this account for her public duties as Governor. But then again, I am not a Democrat that reads something negative into every fiber of humanity! As for her Faith, let us not forget that this country that you and I live in was founded upon God. Even our forefathers predicted this day would come, take God away and watch us perish........ I will continue to pray over this country, as well as the people that live in it. One day, you will all be thankful that someone took the time to pray for you too!

Sarah Palin's Personal Emails

I have read some of these e-mails and am apalled at the nerve of you people. I think Sarah Palin would say " Lord forgive them for they don't know what they do." Do you people know where you are going to spend eternity? You have two choices Heaven or hell. Which will you choose? Which ever you choose will be forever, no turning back.

Sarah Palin's Personal Emails

Please leave Sarah alone or you WILL be sorry!!! He will punish!

You have a gentle temperament underneath it all: Drug Addict Fathead Says Powell Endorsement is All About Race

socialism, nuff said Barack hussein obama, dumb black guy colin powell, dumb black guy. YOU DO THE MATH! STILL DELETING MY COMMENTS, THANKS. NONE OF YOU PUSSIES CAN READ ANYTHING THAT DOESN'T COINCIDE WITH YOU POINT OF VIEW ANYWAY i want you to know how stupid you are. especially come nov. 4 stop taking my comments off, ... you fucking commies

Sarah Palin Establishes Her Legacy

YOU FUCKING CUNTS CAN'T TAKE IT WHEN A CONSERVATIVE GIVES IT TO YOU, KEEP ON DELETING MY COMMENTS YOU FUCKING SCUM you obamapologists better get used to her, cause YOU'RE gonna be WHINING about her for four years

Howard Stern Questions Marsha Brady About Her History of Anal Sex

fuck you you fucking liberal elitist fucks denton's a nazi and emily gould was the best thing that ever happened to this site. a little less bullshitting a little more julia allison's titty's awright! suck it spiegelman!

And appreciate the finer things in life: Palin's Real American Shopping Spree

She may not know nuffin about politics.... she's one damn hot babe !

Worst Of Sarah Palin's Katie Couric Interview (So Far)

its so hot when she doesnt know the answer

You are bid welcome to the internet: Palin Hacker May Have Left Traces

I hope they nail the bone head who hacked Palin's account. Only an idiot would do that. It was probably a liberal bone head like someone who reads the Daily Kos orThe Huffington Post.

You are ironic: Sarah Palin's Personal Emails

I find this reprehensible. People who say they value privacy — except when it is someone they do not like. HYPOCRITES! ALL OF YOU! Joe Biden should have HIS email published. I bet THAT would be juicy.

You are caught at the crossroads between religion and social theory: Sarah Palin's Personal Emails

09/17/08 08:43 PM Good post!!! BLT is the heart and core of the "Messiah's" belief....Marxist and Re-distribution of wealth/income in this country... If the Messiah is elected all who love this country are F@#*&#;(#$*&KED 09/17/08 08:37 PM If it was me it would be the .44 mag that I would use on you............... 09/17/08 08:32 PM You left wing sickos need to have a sock stuck in your mouth.... If you had ever hacked my email, put photos of my daughter on your site.... I would spend whatever it took to track you down and then throw you feet first into an industrial wood chipper....then again, maybe I will do it anyway for attacking a woman that makes Obama the Messiah look like the piece of liberal shit that he is...

Senator Chris Dodd, Puffy Loser Hero Of Capitalism's Collapse?

Capitalism did not do this was the leftist socialism that does not work that happen here with this mess...the democrates are hungry with hate to find a republican to blame this on... when it 's you democrats socialist that cause this mess to "give" house to people that could not afford. you socilist are stupid it's all coming out how democrats PROFITED ALL THESE YEARS! DEMOCRATES YOU ALL ARE LIARS...JUST FOLLOW THE PIPER YOU MIND DUMB ROBOTS...SOCIALISM DOES NOT WORK!!!

You find yourself dwelling on alternative sexual practices: Sarah Palin's Personal Emails

I can not wait until the authorities ascend upon the offendering (law breakers) like the wrath of GOD! It's kind of refreshing actually... It does not get any better than when punks get BTICHED SLAPPED THE FUCK OUT OF. I hope prision has live anal cams to show them being slammed in the ASS OVER AND OVER...

Sarah Palin's Personal Emails

Since you won't have the balls to post this, I will just have to be happy someone at this loser site will read this. Hope you enjoy the fist ramming up your ass from the Secret Service you scumballs.

Sarah Palin's Personal Emails

You all are sick low life MFing scum bag cock s—-ing sneaking Democrat SOBs

Sarah Palin's Personal Emails

Denton is an ass, I hope some big bubba (when you get to prison) make's you the prison block's S & M bitch

You hate Democrats so hard, you even hate their moms: Sarah Palin's Personal Emails


You don't need no "eduacations": The Truth About Those Sarah Palin Pregnancy Coverup Rumors!

blah blah blah...and you people seriously think Obama is qualified? What real experience does he have? What solid plans does he have? None....and how can he really relate? Most people I know don't have the ivy league eduacations that him and his wife have. To vote for someone based solely on the idea that we need "the first African American president" is wrong. I guess if Palin had aborted her Down's Syndrome child, you would be more on her side? As if....

You have a mounted singing fish in your home and so are voting for Norm Coleman: Al Franken's Troublingly Goofy Campaign Ads

I'm from Minnesota and I have several of those talking and singing fish in my house(not my lake cabin). I have to say that I feel Norm Coleman has done a fine job for the state of Minnesota and will be proud to campaign for him and cast my vote for him.

The insults trip from your tongue: McCain Bails on First Debate

what a whimp is Obama...he can careless ...because he is envolved in the mess... what socialist fascist!!! Obama needs a ten foot pole to get out of this mess. Democrats are the ones that cause this...that's why Obama is not calling for hearing... go ahead Obama..ignore the people that you and your democrats cronies stole money from.... OBAMA, WHAT A LOOSER!!!

Sarah Palin's Personal Emails

God this woman is so bad morons can't see it. hahhaha 09/17/08 11:08 PM These comments make me sick.dumb would be the word for anybody that votes for Obama,. My god he gets advice from his wife , and grandmother to run the country give me a break. His 2 top advisors on his committee are the 2 big CEO's from freddie mac, and fannie may. WAKE UP PEOPLE. Thank god the majority has woke up to the pinhead senator or would that be the community worker. whoever he is who wants another Bill Clinton in office that committed adultry, couldn't capture bin laden after the 1st attack on the world trade center, but maybe thats because he was with Monica in the oval office learning where a cigar goes when you smoke it what a idiot.

You offer far too much information: Sarah Palin Conspiracy Theories: The Ultimate Guide

I'd Hit That. True? Yes. Notable: Somewhat bored, yet sporting sizeable wood.

You see the big picture: Sarah Palin Conspiracy Theories: The Ultimate Guide

Hey, She has great many fans at , a rich men, beauty queen dating site

You have been and are currently living under a rock: Palin: Governing Alaska Just Like Waitressing

I LOVE HER ! thsi blog is so anti woman OBAMA IS FRIEND TO THE SAUDIS and joe biden is finance by the credit card agency -mbna bought hsi house

Let's do a nice thing together amongst all this negativity! "NY Girl of My Dreams" Update: Fashion Icon!

hey people i'm trying to find the girl of my dream her name is Mildred Millie Marti, i met her 35 summers ago when we were teens, i've been looking for her for years, no phone# no addresse, she used to live in Howard Beach, help me to find her.

Perhaps you style yourself as proudly free from party ideologies: Michelle Obama Fist-Jabs All the 'View' Ladies

Hasselback is the only normal one on the show Michelle is a racist and her husband is a communist - GO MCCAIN from this indepenedent (formerly democratic) yes white woman Hilary supporter!

Or you are insane: Lou Dobbs For Governor

lou dobbs for president ! 06/12/08 05:00 PM I LOVE LOU DOBBS!!!!!! The people who do not like Lou dobbs are IGNORANT. The reason for the construction crane mishaps in NYC are because big corporations ie.. bloomberg et al are abusing the labor laws. The illegal influx has created a situation where corps can ignore the labor laws by hiring illegals and not american union workers -for all the stupid people that attack lou you are really just defendign corporate greed. In the 80's under nixon and RALPH NADER we had OSHA THE EPA ETC Now — I love when you attack obama or illegal you are called a RACIST in this country —oh and by the way i am an immigrant —a legal one LOU DOBBS FOR PRESIDENT LOU DOBBS IS FOR THE HARD WORKING AMERICAN

You paint ever-widening circles within circles: Palin Had Affair, Says Enquirer

as far as i am concerned i will not vote for anyone who will not raise his hand to our flag, and took the flag off the demacratic plane. if you don't love this country as much as i do then get out go be president of somewhere you can be proud of lets see africa maybe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! can anyone here even use there brain to think, everyone hates sarah because she actually has a life and she might just show idiots that being angry at someone should be because they have done something bad to you and not just because they think differently than you. that has always been the the problem with demacrats they can't think for themselves they are still in elementry school mentality, if you don'y like her i don't either!!!!!!!GROW UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You found a thesaurus, but are still insane: Sarah Palin's Wikipedia Whitewash

Let me describe each and every Obama brainwashed supporter: Asinine, halfwit, dunce, dolt, ignoramus, cretin, moron, imbecile, simpleton, dope, ninny, nincompoop, chump, dimwit, dumbo, dummy, dum-dum, loon, dork, sap, jackass, blockhead, jughead, bonehead, knucklehead, fathead, numbskull, numbnuts, dumb-ass, doofus, clod, dunderhead, ditz, lummox, dipstick, thickhead, meathead, meatball, woodenhead, airhead, pinhead, lamebrain, peabrain, birdbrain, jerk, nerd, donkey, nitwit, twit, boob, twerp, schmuck, bozo, turkey, chowderhead, dingbat, stupid, foolish, brainless, mindless, senseless, idiotic, imbecilic, ridiculous, ludicrous, absurd, nonsensical, fatuous, silly, inane, witless, empty-headed, halfwitted, dimwitted, dumb, moronic! Let me describe each and every McCain supporter: Clever, bright, brilliant, quick-witted, quick on the uptake, smart, canny, astute, intuitive, insightful, perceptive, perspicacious, discerning; knowledgeable; able, gifted, talented!

Learned about "no glove, no love" the hard way: Teen Dad Levi Johnston: a Field Guide

All the hand-wringing and sympathy for "poor Bristol" yet nothing but vitriol for Levi. Teenage moms are always victims and teen dads are nothing but horny predators. Who's attacking Bristol? All anyone is saying is the truth: she's five months pregnant. Levi, on the other hand, is characterized as a stupid jock who should have kept his pants zipped up. With a girl, a pregnancy is a mistake for which she should be counseled and given choices but for the father, it's a huge character flaw for which he should be punished (now quit playing hockey and get to work to support that child). "Poor little Bristol" is as much to blame for this situation as Levi. Or don't little 17 year old girls know what can happen when they have sex?

Touché: Hey, What Better Time To Call "End Of History" On The Conservative Movement!

It's like to be a good publication you have to be a Michael Moore worshipping, hypocritically swift boating organization filled with people who faint at Obama rallies and find it against their morals to grab a coffee at Starbucks because it isn't a local hipster place run by tight-pants elitists.

You are a sad commenter who is sad: The Truth About Those Sarah Palin Pregnancy Coverup Rumors!

It doesn't bother me even if she is covering up for her daughter. I would rather have Her and McCain in than have a Muslim that pretends to love America. If he becomes President, then we will have a very weak nation and there will be no more America, no more freedom.

I am sad: Spawn of McCain Dines With Spawn of Satan

While Heidi Montag isn't the best role model for young least she is going out there and asking young people to vote. It's more than other celebrites are doing at her age.

But it doesn't matter, because we're all going to die!!! 5 Reasons Why We Are So Fascinated By the Montauk Monster

i was told by god i talk with him this i just the beganing there will be many more of these monster it was writing this is hell's demon they are real people evil i reaching it point.i am the messenger