Here's what we know at 7:43:

  • Crunching the raw exit poll numbers from Virginia suggests 52% Obama, 48% McCain. But don't take that to the bank. With 6% of precincts reporting, McCain holds a 57%-42% lead. Don't take that to the bank either - these are numbers from two conservative, rural counties.
  • Raw numbers from Indiana show McCain leading by three points, 51%-48%, with 20% reporting. The northwest part of the state (heavily African-American Gary and environs, near Chicago) won't start to come in till 8. Not a good omen for McCain.
  • Polls won't close in the conservative western parts of Florida till 8 but numbers are already trickling in, showing an initial 57%-43% lead for McCain that is sure to change.
  • The bartenders at the CNN Grill can make a pretty decent gin martini.