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According to the Post, ex-publicist/alleged hacker Ali Wise doesn't have too many friends these days:

Pals of former Dolce & Gabbana mouthpiece Ali Wise — who used her access to designer swag to leverage friendships on both coasts — are rushing from her side like rats from a sinking ship after she was charged with hacking into female rivals' voice mails.

But clearly not all of Ali's pals are jumping ship. An unidentified friend sent along these thoughts on the case last night:

I am going to go out on a limb and defend my friend Ali Wise. Ali is not the jealous mean girl being portrayed in the Post and the zealous tabloid press. Ali would NEVER intentionally break the law. Her actions could be described as compulsive but in this digital world many girls and guys I know do similar things all the time. The Spoof Card happens to be illegal and Ali would have never used it in this way, especially so many times, had she known this. I saw the complaint and no where does it mention "other women" or "love rivals". So I do not understand where the press gets these facts? One girl's name has been mentioned in the complaint and it has been highly publicized that there was a silly cat fight and what this other girl did to Ali and to Jason was just more intrusive if not intentionally malicious. Impersonation, email Fraud and such.

Ali allegedly used the card 700 times over a 4 year period, it is excessive, but it does not warrant Felony Charges in my opinion. Ali is being made a public example to prove new technology laws. Invasion of privacy, yes, but she did not knowingly break the law. There was no intent to commit fraud or harm. It is called Spoof Card and she thought of it as that - a spoof. The fact that you could listen to voice mails with this card was not some advanced hacking scheme.

Anyone that KNOWS Ali, adores her. She is funny, smart, pretty, vivacious and guys have always LOVED her. Guys have always been smitten by her and this made lot's of girls, including Freudenberger jealous. Friends jokingly ask Ali advice on how she make guys fall so hard! Ali could write the book! So it is strange to people that know her intimately to see her being portrayed so inaccurately publicly. It just shows us how the media manipulates everything to fit a sterotype.

Ali is human and made mistakes - and I will not defend that part. The tabloid press is mean-spirited and they don't fact check. They Post and publications as such are jealous of a girl like Ali - a girl they perceive to "have it all"- they want to rip her to shreds and with great pleasure. Sadly, this should not be front page news. If she wasn't a well known pretty girl with high profile relationships and coveted jobs, this would not be newsworthy.

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