The above shot is from the swank party at Gawker Media overlord Nick Denton's SoHo loft. Obviously we can't all have elite LCD wall projectors and a fancy media crowd because some of us are stuck in John McCain's REAL America, or maybe Brooklyn. All the more reason to send us pictures of your electoral shindigs tonight. Help us diversify this post! Mail your shots (however blurry/explicit/incriminating) to or post in the comments. We'll keep your name out of it unless you tell us otherwise. (Elitist parties are OK too. Heck, encouraged, even.) After the jump, the exciting scene at Gawker HQ. UPDATE: And more! (Last new photo: 11:52 p.m.)

Gawker HQ:

The scene at a neighborhood bar in Obama's hometown of Chicago, via commenter psych101 and a "shitty cell phone camera." Looks fun!

Spotted on the Web: Tumblr's HQ:

Commenter supergoddess and her pals are living it up in style, in the tank: "We're pigging out on chili & artichoke dip & maple-bacon cupcakes at my house (and no small amount of wine and bourbon), and totally screaming at the TV. When this photo was taken the photographer said "ONE... TWO... THREE... MAVERICK!"

"And we all laughed."

(Are maple-bacon cupcakes elitist? In the best possible way?)

This one had the subject line "Election Layover" in the subject line, and a terrorist gang sign in the pic:

And another! Clearly in the tank:

From Pareene's cell phone:

From Blakeley's friend Kate!

A night editor whose wife snuck up on him, with a cellphone:

"All the gays who can't marry in FL love them some holograms on CNN...:"

More from the Denton party: