At 8:45, the news for Obama is more than decent:

  • CNN joins MSNBC in calling Pennsylvania for Obama. Though technically not necessary for McCain, his path to victory has just narrowed to a crevice. McCain's sentimental stronghold, New Hampshire, is also called for Obama.
  • With 41% of the vote in, Obama still leads in Florida, though by a narrowing 51%-48% margin, as numbers come in from the conservative-leaning panhandle.
  • McCain clings to a three-point lead in Indiana with 50% of the vote in, 51%-48%. Even if McCain wins this state (which is essential for him and not for Obama), it's clear Obama is running well ahead of the numbers scored by John Kerry four years ago.
  • Virginia still shows a 54%-45% lead for McCain with 45% of the vote in. Another state essential to McCain and not Obama.

Stay tuned - no bad news for Obama in here yet. Chief Obama strategist Axelrod says the only thing giving him heartburn is that he can't figure out what should be giving him heartburn.