It appears we have the first media gaffe of the evening: Fox News called the swing state of Ohio, crucial to John McCain's hopes of an upset, for Barack Obama. It looks like a butterfingers on the graphics team got ahead of the network's decision desk, placing an all-important checkmark next to the picture of Obama and misleading anchor Brit Hume. UPDATE: And Karl Rove now says McCain needs a miracle, after Fox News officially called Ohio for Obama. Two videos are after the jump.

(Video of the accidental Ohio call is above.)

UPDATE: Rove just agreed with this statement by Brit Hume of Fox News, following the calling of Ohio for Obama: "Unless something miraculous happens in one of these non-battleground states, McCain's situation is looking pretty dire." Rove: "Yes... He has to pick up a state won by the Democrats in 2004 on the West Coast, or Michigan, which has yet to be called." Video: