If there's been anything more contentious and exhausting than the battle to become the nation's next president, it has been The View's high-octane coverage of the election. Emotions still ran high on today's show, as an overcome Sherri Shepherd cried on camera about the impact of Barack Obama's victory. Before that, though, Barbara Walters turned to Elisabeth Hasselbeck and rightly noted, "All eyes are gonna be on you."

Hasselbeck, dressed in a funereal black top (with a pirate-reminiscent ruffled collar!), took her cues from John McCain's gracious concession speech and delivered one of her own. "No one lost today," she said. "God knows I fought hard for the other side, but today is a victory for this country." Then, reaching deep inside, she even gave hated rival Joy Behar a fist-bump. Godless America, we have succeeded: Elisabeth Hasselbeck is a terrorist now. One of us. One of us.