Now that ABC has unceremoniously axed Brooke Smith's lesbian character from Grey's Anatomy and performed a wholesale gaywashing to turn an upcoming bisexual guest arc into a totally heterosexual, female bonding adventure, other Grey's stars are speaking out — or, in the case of Patrick Dempsey, using loaded silences to make his thoughts on the matter known.Dempsey appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show today (incidentally, a program that Sara Ramirez's Callie will no longer be watching) and when DeGeneres brought up the firing, McDreamy pulled out a canned response ABC had sent to him and read from it sarcastically. Afterward, DeGeneres asked if the firing was OK. "It is for them," said Dempsey, providing enough passive-aggressive venom to make Isaiah Washington (busy waiting tables at the NBC commissary while he waits for that follow-up call from Ben Silverman) point to the screen and insist, "See? That's what I was talking about!"