Anderson Cooper Invited To Enjoy Some 'Brown Sugar'

  • So Anderson Cooper told Ellen DeGeneres "Honey, I don't even know where to begin" with NeNe from Real Housewives of Atlanta. That was Tuesday. Now NeNe is inviting the CNN anchor to ogle her chest and "get down and dirty" and have some "brown sugar." Her husband, an obvious CNN viewer, is totally fine with this.
  • Lonny Ross, who plays the writer Josh Girard on 30 Rock, is kept segregared from all the important guest stars. "Steve Martin — that's the best there is... Another guy I didn't get to meet." [OK!]
  • Wallace Shawn, son of late New Yorker editor William Shawn, was unable to write properly during the Bush Administration. Funny, Chris Hitchens had the same problem. (We kid! Sort of!) [P6]
  • Your heart belongs to the one you choose to be with as you watch Barack Obama win the election. As Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer can attest. [Sun]
  • After Aniston denied Star's report she was pregnant by Mayer, the magazine upped the ante, reporting her to be preggers WITH TWINS. The story thus comes pre-denied, a level of celeb-gossip convenience the likes of Us and People simply can't match. [HollyScoop]
  • Robin Williams, 57, visited the apartment of Ally Hilfiger, 23, at midnight Wednesday. But it's not a scandal because his 27-year-old painter girlfriend is staying there. [P6]
  • Madonna, Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake in concert threesome ZOMG! [E!]